A walk around...

A walk around Szczecin City

“A walk around Szczecin City” is a new initiative of the OFFicyna Association, the implementation of which is planned for the next 3 years. It is a continuation of the hugely successful project " A walk around Niebuszewo" - a unique route showing the historically important places of this district, but also discovering the everyday life of Niebuszewo, personal memories of inhabitants, places important and unusual for all residents of Szczecin.

Together with you - the inhabitants of Szczecin - we would like to create a further part of the "non-obvious guide" to the next districts in the city. The part that we hope will be happy to write with us by the former and present Szczeciners. This time, we will also include electronic media in the project - in addition to the book with the map, which we plan to publish after the route is created, this year, next to this project subpage, we will create a fanpage called "Walk around Szczecin City" on Facebook.

The idea behind the project is to create our own private image of the city of Szczecin "in the past and today". An image that differs from the one that can be found in classic guides to Szczecin. We would like modern residents to add their own memories and images to the already existing stories and photos with history, and the history of the district administratively divided into North and West would be recreated for many generations - by the oldest residents of the city, but also by their children and grandchildren.

We are waiting for signals from you which non-existent places you would like to save from oblivion and what to learn about those that are already absent on the map, as well as those that exist today. Perhaps we will discover that we only seem to know this city, and it may have as many faces as there are people in it.

In order to properly publicize the project, we would like to invite you to cooperation! We plan to talk about our city with you on the above-mentioned fanpage "A walk around Szczecin City". To begin with, in 2021, from a jointly created list of places, we will select 40, the stories of which we will carefully compose for you. They will appear on Facebook and this project page.

Ideas can be submitted by sending an e-mail to biuro@officyna.art.pl or by writing a message on the fan page. We are waiting for your applications until August 31, 2021.

Information about the project will also be available on the project's fan page.


The project is co-financed by the City of Szczecin.