An event is either a form of presentation (usually taking one day and happening once) or something in between the classic elements of the programme such as "gallery" or "festival."
Through its activity, OFFicyna has for many years been engaged in a discourse on the topical area of art, touching upon the boundaries of its current definition. For this reason the events we organise characterise our substantial field of interest – this includes organising multimedia and performance events, but also discussions about the history of Szczecin or promoting books. For each project we work out a form of presentation or public co-creation which would express the idea of the project as fully as possible. Thus, events are not only one-time actions but also recurrent undertakings (although those usually take on the form of "OFFicyna projects"). Many of our initiatives escape the definition of "exhibition," "event," or "festival," even if one of those words is included in the initiative's name.